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Card Shark Collection™ app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 8096 ratings )
Games Card Casino
Developer: Easy 8 Software
2.99 USD
Current version: 9.0.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 06 Mar 2009
App size: 27.23 Mb

Card Shark includes a diverse and growing collection of solitaire and traditional card games. Card Shark is iPad and retina display compatible, and features the ability to install custom tables, card backs, and even card fronts.

Supported games include: Klondike (Classic Solitaire), FreeCell, Cassino, Canfield, Basic Rummy, Gin Rummy, Rummy 500, Spider Solitaire, Cruel Solitaire, Beleaguered Castle, Spiderette, Bristol Solitaire, Hearts, Memory Match (Concentration), Speed Match, Calculation, Forty Thieves, Euchre (US), Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better Draw Poker, Aces Up, Spades (non-partnership variant), Limit Texas Hold Em, Speed, Batsford Solitaire, Josephine, Red & Black, Sea Towers, Crazy Eights, Tripeaks, Golf, Eagle Wing, Pyramid, Old Maid, War, Go Fish, 13 Packs (aka Grandmas Game), Royal Cotillion, Blackjack (21), Royal Parade, Thieves of Egypt, Scorpion, Pile On, Montana, Canfield, Clock Solitaire, Kings Corner, Russian Cell, Yukon, I Doubt It, Four Seasons, Crescent, Osmosis (aka Treasure Trove), Canasta, La Belle Lucie, Australian Solitaire, Egyptian Ratscrew, SheepsHead(new), Kings in the Corner, Eight Off, Queenie (new), Samara (new)

Card Shark combines a silky smooth 3d presentation with tasteful animation, sounds, and an elegant drag-drop interface that has been lovingly fine-tuned for the touch screen. Touches and drag targets are forgiving, and piles are automatically split following completed gestures. Touch foundation piles to automatically complete a game.

Why clutter your device with separate card games, when you can stock it with a quality collection that continues to be expanded and improved regularly based on user requests?

Features include:
- layouts for left/right handed stock placement
- infinite undo/redo supported in all solitaire variants
- tap foundation to autoplay cards
- does not interfere with ipod background music
- automatically saved/resumed games & statistics
- multiple cards fronts, backs, and tables with ability to install new ones from your photo library

An online FAQ is available through the in-game help system. This answers common questions about the supported games and offers a sneak peak at features and new games slated for the next update. Feature and new game requests are always welcome.

"Out of all of the solitaire type card games I have tried, this one is by far the best I have come across in quite a long while." -

Featured as an outstanding app in Wired Magazines 2011 App Guide!

Pros and cons of Card Shark Collection™ app for iPhone and iPad

Card Shark Collection™ app good for

some bugs when going back to a game after being idle, AI a bit unequal from games to games, but this game is still in my list after trying many other card games.
Since my retirement I have devoted lots of time to mind challenging games. This must be the, or one of, best suites of games. Thank you
The most complete solitaire game in the app store - especially for this price!   
And the support is mainly in the form of updates with new games, better GUI, etc. Nothing to complain about.
This app is great any game you would want to play is here!!love it!!!
I have been using this app for a couple of years. Just recently discovered the speed match game. Love it! Its like my own personal challenge to see if I can beat my own score. Would like to see the Euchre game with Canadian rules added.

Some bad moments

Cards are moved instead of selected, making gameplay impossible iPhone 6S with iOS 9.
Horrible interface. Cards are hard to read. Very juvenile game play. This is one of those games where you wish you could get a refund. Dont know why so many high ratings, it is hard on the eyes, archaic and very poor in graphics. Not even an auto drop if you touch a card to add it to a stack, you have to manually move the cards in most games. There are better solitaire games out there. Rarely write reviews but this game is so poor I had to add my two cents for what its worth. It is nice to have so many games in one bundle, but graphics and game play need a lot of improvement to make it worth more stars.
On the plus side, one gets a large number of games. Individual games like solitaire are great, but as others have pointed out, multiplayer games are supported by very poor AI, making your opponents "dumb" and leaving the game unchallenging and uninteresting.
Try beating the "opponent". Its ridiculous how it unfairly plays against you. I want my money back.
Overall as a basic card game app it is mediocre. There are a number of small annoying little issues with this app. The instructions for learning new games are not very good, and it might sound silly but the action of throwing a card into play is really bad. One thing I found particularly frustration is no form of replay. When I am trying to learn a new game there are often times when I lose a hand. There is no way to review that hand, look again at all the cards in play, and understand how you won or lost the play.

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