Card Shark Collection™ App Reviews

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Great card apps

Plenty of card game in on app.

Great card compilation game

some bugs when going back to a game after being idle, AI a bit unequal from games to games, but this game is still in my list after trying many other card games.

Excellent !

Excellent application, with a good variety of games


All the card games one needs. Thanks!

Very complete

Since my retirement I have devoted lots of time to mind challenging games. This must be the, or one of, best suites of games. Thank you

Simply wonderful!

The most complete solitaire game in the app store - especially for this price!   

Super game

This game is just amazing! But you have to like card games.


Best card game app in the app store!!!!

A fun app with excellent support

And the support is mainly in the form of updates with new games, better GUI, etc. Nothing to complain about.


Good variety if games, fast play and no downtime.

Great Fun

theres so much variety, its never boring!

Card Sharks

Toll!! Alles dran, alles drin!

Does not work on iPhone 6S with iOS 9

Cards are moved instead of selected, making gameplay impossible iPhone 6S with iOS 9.


Great collection of games!

Card shark

This app is great any game you would want to play is here!!love it!!!

Lots of enjoyment

I play it every day

Save your money and time

Horrible interface. Cards are hard to read. Very juvenile game play. This is one of those games where you wish you could get a refund. Dont know why so many high ratings, it is hard on the eyes, archaic and very poor in graphics. Not even an auto drop if you touch a card to add it to a stack, you have to manually move the cards in most games. There are better solitaire games out there. Rarely write reviews but this game is so poor I had to add my two cents for what its worth. It is nice to have so many games in one bundle, but graphics and game play need a lot of improvement to make it worth more stars.


Love Card Shark! Great games and they keep adding more.

card shark

Hundreds of hours of solitary pleasures!

Great game

Lots of options.

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