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I have not played all of the games in this app, and likely never will, but the games I like are excellently implemented. I do have one suggestion, though: in Hearts, when you select a card and then select another card, the first card goes back into the hand. I would like to see the same thing happen in Spades and other games. One small complaint: in Hearts, the Records page might have a problem. I just played a game that lasted three minutes over my average, and the resultant average was one second less than it had been. Nevertheless, this is far and away the best card game app I have seen.

Relaxing and fun

Great app - wide selection of games, no problems with crashing.


I play games on this app every day. They are challenging and winnable with practice. Thoroughly satisfying! Still great! After 2+ years. the best app for card games!


I just play a few of the games but I like them. Some are too hard to understand how to play for you. I would buy the app again.

One That Im Keeping

Ive had a craving for solitaire games lately and I have tried probably about 12-15 of the offerings in the AppStore. This is one of only 3 that I like enough to keep.

Great app

This is a great app. Ive had it and used it every day for many years. There is a lot of variety in the game selection. 5 Stars all the way.

Great app

Ive had this app for quite a while now. I love the array of card games!

All the games I love

All the games I love and more! Best package Ive ever seen.

Fun card games for everyone

Card Sharks offers a good variety of card games. Some are relaxing and simple. Some are very challenging. Whatever your mood, youll find a game youll enjoy.

Great Ap

I have played many card games , this is the best !

Card Shark

Great variety - something for everyone!

Great variety and convenient fun

Get it!

Love cards

I remember my dad playing solitaire with a deck of cards everyday and now I feel like Ive taken after him even tho he has been gone since before laptops!

Love Love Love this game

I searched for quite awhile when I was looking for a 500 Rummy game and finally found it here. Played with my mom and dad all the time, after my dad passed I missed playing so much then I found this game and I play almost every day, makes me feel closer to my dad. Watched him play solitaire too all the time, so I enjoy almost all the games. Dont like some of the names of the games, wont play the games with dark names but the other games are great.

Great App

has every card game and some I never played before, and a great set-up of card games


Enjoy the challenge of different games!

Great game

Hours of fun


I have had this app for years and play it every day. I love the smoothness and easiness of use. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who likes card games. The best!

I play it every day

One of my oldest apps & I still love it. So many games & its kept updated regularly.

Fun, Fun, Fun!

So many fun games to play! The only one I missed was Grandmas Game, but I found out that 13 Packs was basically the same, and that made this app complete for me!

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